A group of elementary Japanese students held their graduation ceremony in Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games around the world so it’s no surprise that plenty of people are resorting to its universe of pixelated cubes while asked and forced to stay in self-isolation. However, while there’s apparent doom and gloom with the prospect of Minecraft Dungeons being delayed due to the coronavirus, this story about a bunch of elementary Japanese students holding their graduation in-game will work in putting a smile on your face.

Microsoft recently used Minecraft to show off the effects of ray-tracing for their next-gen console that will hopefully still arrive come the Holidays. This demonstration showed how the game was significantly improved with more dynamic colours and natural aesthetic lighting.

However, while the ability to play the beloved title with ray-tracing on for the Xbox Series X is currently a distant want, a bunch of Japanese students have been using the game to conduct their own graduation ceremony.

Japanese students hold graduation ceremony in Minecraft

As initially reported by SoraNews24, a group of elementary Japanese students decided to hold their own graduation ceremony in Minecraft.

One of the parents posted a bunch of images and a video of the ceremony on Twitter so the rest of the world could marvel at the creativity of the children.

It’s impossible not to be frustrated and annoyed by all of the doom, gloom and persistence of staying indoors spread by social media and the news, but at least there’s still heart-warming events such as this happening across the globe.

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