As the competitors began to release their Eurovision tracks, the competition is now off the cards.

Concerns over the coronavirus pandemic are mounting day by day, as the number of infected and subsequent mortality rates keep climbing. 

By now, it feels as if the whole world is about to be put on lockdown, with supermarkets being cleared of all stock, talks of rationing, and even calls for the army to get involved. And as mass gatherings have been banned by a number of countries (and if not banned then seriously advised by most), the entertainment industry is taking a major hit. 

Concerts, films, theatre, TV; all of these industries are currently impacted by the rapid spread of Covid-19. 

One major international event has been quite hush-hush about whether it is going ahead, despite the fact it’s just ’round the corner: Eurovision 2020. So, will Eurovision be cancelled this year?

Is Eurovision 2020 cancelled?

Yes. An official decision was meant to be made April 2020 on whether or not to continue with the competition. 

As of Sunday, March 15th, Eurovision World confirmed that preparation for Eurovision 2020 is still going ahead. They were planning to build the stage for the singing competition in early April, and so a decision was needed to be made before construction started. 

However, on Wednesday, March 18th, they decided to pull the annual song contest. 

Eurovision announced: “The health of artists, staff, fans and visitors, as well as the situation in the Netherlands, Europe and the world, is at the heart of this decision.”

Where is Eurovision 2020 held?

The 65th Eurovision is to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. As The Netherlands have just banned public gatherings of over 100, it makes sense that they would cancel the event. 

Much is up in the air about global events which were set to take place this 2020, such as the Olympics in Tokyo. No decisions have been made about these events just yet, as many are hoping the current pandemic situation will be controlled come summer. 

However, as the number of infected now soars above 150,000 it looks like it is going to take the world a lot longer to control Covid-19. 


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