One TikTok star has been at the centre of an online press storm after controversially starting the ‘Coronavirus Challenge.’

The internet is always full of weird and wonderful trends.

In recent years, the site TikTok has exploded and has become one of, if not the top source for new viral videos and trends.

We’ve seen everything from dance and lip-sync videos to comedy and challenge videos and it is a new challenge video from TikTok user Ava Louise that is currently the hot topic.

Who is Ava Louise?

Ava Louise is a 21-year-old aspiring social media personality.

Online, she has accounts on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and boasts a following of just under 200,000 across all platforms.

She has recently risen to internet infamy after a controversial TikTok video of hers, dubbed the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ emerged online and earned a sizable reaction.

What is the Coronavirus Challenge?

In the Coronavirus Challenge video, Ava Louise can be seen licking the seat of an aeroplane toilet supposedly in the hopes of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

It should go without saying but this really is something you should not try at home.

Not a real challenge

Thankfully, the so-called Coronavirus Challenge doesn’t seem to have caught on among social media fans but the stunt appears to have had the desired effect for Ava who has been the centre of attention in an online media storm.

On March 16th, she Tweeted the following:

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