Santan Dave absolutely smashed the Brit Awards, but does he have a girlfriend cheering with him?

Fans of Santan Dave always knew he would make it, but some are wondering if he has a girlfriend…

All hail king Dave!

There are so many great artists working today, with some notable names of recent years being Stormzy, Michael Kiwanuka, Lewis Capaldi and Harry Styles. Other than being musicians, what do they all have in common?

Well, now it’s that they all lost out to Dave in competition for Best Album at the Brit Awards. That’s some serious talent right there, but most will wholeheartedly agree that David Orobosa Omoregie’s debut studio album deserved to be crowned. 

Psychodrama is a masterclass of British rap with such highlights as ‘Location’, ‘Streatham’ and ‘Black’, the last of which he performed majestically at the ceremony.

He had a huge 2019 unveiling the record which also scored the Mercury Prize, as well as starring in popular series Top Boy on Netflix. We imagine his schedule is as busy as ever, but does he have a girlfriend celebrating his success alongside him? 

(EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Dave accepts the Mastercard Album of The Year during The BRIT Awards 2020 at The O2 Arena on February 18, 2020 in London, England.

Does Santan Dave have a girlfriend?

No, Santan Dave does not have a girlfriend. 

According to Dating Celebs, the 21-year-old rapper isn’t dating anyone at the moment. The same source highlights that he has, of course, had relationships previously, but nothing at the moment. 

As with most musicians, clues into their love life can be found in the music.  

In the 2019 single ‘Professor X’, the lyrics include:

– “Any girl that I’m with is a ten, nine, eight, bredrin decent.”

– “I mean, all of my ex-girls hate me, but how you gonna have my baby, baby? Don’t you know I’m livin’ that, baby boy? Lifestyle everything crazy, if you don’t chat to your guy, your G’ll see.”

– “Now I’m in the party with Tara and that girl got body like armour.”

– “Peng ting still get aired, left on read then blue like Barça.”

The song even ends with a quote from Top Boy: “What about your love life?” “That’s a good question man, wouldn’t mind having a bit of fun if I’m being honest.” Well, that sounds like the answer to our question right there. 

Who did Dave take to the 2020 BRITs?

The rapper was photographed with his friend Eva while celebrating at the event (see picture below). 

According to the Express, he continued partying after the ceremony with his friends and headed over to The Scotch of St James nightclub in greater London, still wearing his now-iconic blue Nike tracksuit

Dave was also pictured with fellow artist Jorja Smith, who won Best Female Solo Artist and Rising Star at the 2019 and 2018 Brit Awards respectively. 

A fan account on Instagram posted a picture of the pair with the caption: “When will we get a song?! Congrats to the GOAT for winning best album! Highly deserved.” Now that would be something.

Eva (L) and Dave attend BRIT Awards After Party With Beats By Dr.Dre at The Scotch of St James on February 18, 2020 in London, England.

Twitter talks Dave at the Brits

As you’d expect, a number of fans and admirers have taken to Twitter to talk all things Dave at the Brit Awards. His performance was honestly just phenomenal – the overwhelming amount of praise is warranted.

Check out a selection of tweets: 






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