Supermarket shelves are bare, sporting fixtures have been cancelled but the show goes on for some London theatres.

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has thrown a huge spanner into the works of public life.

From supermarket panic-buying to sporting suspensions, our daily lives have all been affected in some way by the outbreak.

While some are taking measures such as working from home, others have been continuing life as normal.

The same could have been said about the theatre industry which had remained partially open despite the outbreak.

However, recent developments have had dramatic results for theatregoers. 

Are theatres in London still open?

Prior to the latest government advice, which came in to effect on March 16th, some theatres in London such as the National Theatre, the Lyceum Theatre, the Apollo Victoria and the Alexandra Palace theatre were all operating almost as normal.

However, following Boris Johnson’s latest directive, which states that people should avoid venues such as pubs, clubs and theatres, almost all theatre venues in the UK, let alone London, have postponed or cancelled performances and have closed their doors.  

At the time of writing, there has been no directive from the government to suggest that theatres and similar locations such as concert venues and cinemas have to close. 

According to The Guardian, the first theatre venues to announce closures in London were The Old Vic, Arcola, Turbine, Bunker, Finborough and Young Vic theatres all of which have cancelled and postponed performances for the coming weeks.

It’s not just theatres

As well as a swathe of theatre closures, it was announced on March 17th that cinema chains Odeon, Cineworld and Picture House would all be shutting their doors for the foreseeable future to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The latest closures are just the latest in a long list that includes sports stadia as well as concert venues.

What to do if you have tickets booked

If you have tickets booked for upcoming performances, your best course of action would most likely be to visit the website or social media channels of the theatre or venue in question to keep up to date with the latest news on whether performances will be rescheduled or whether tickets will be refunded.

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