Parasite UK DVD release date confirmed: Bring home the 2020 Best Picture winner!

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Parasite made history this year and the UK DVD release date has arrived.

Despite numerous delays to a range of highly anticipated efforts, it's already been an impressive year for film in the UK.  

We've seen the like of The Gentlemen, Uncut Gems, 1917, Waves, The Lighthouse, The Invisible Man and more, all of which are wildly different but worth seeking out on their own merits. 

However, looking ahead, it's arguably safe to say that Parasite should already be crowned the film of 2020. 

It made Academy Awards history as the first foreign-language film to take home the coveted Best Picture win, while it also scored accolades for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Foreign-Language Film. 

Most agreed that it deserved to sweep the awards season, but few actually predicted it would to this degree. 

Bong Joon-ho's masterclass blew audiences away, but it's a piece of work which outright demands multiple viewings. So, it's worth casting our minds to the confirmed UK DVD release date... 

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Parasite UK DVD release date

The Parasite UK DVD release date is Monday, June 1st 2020.  

You can currently pre-order it over on Amazon, with the DVD priced at £9.99 and the Blu-ray at £14.99.

It's being released for home-distribution courtesy of Curzon Artificial Eye, who have released such recently critically acclaimed efforts as The Souvenir and Cold War

So, whether you're watching it for the first, third or even fifth time, it'll be ready to bring home in June.

Opinion: Parasite is the greatest Best Picture winner in years

The previous decade saw some sensational Best Picture winners, with honours going to The Hurt Locker, The King's Speech, The Artist, Argo, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, Spotlight, Moonlight, The Shape of Water and Green Book across the 2010s.

Honestly, despite controversy with some of the wins - most notably Green Book - each film is worthy of significant praise. 

Of these ten films, the stand-out would have to be Barry Jenkins' beautiful and impactful Moonlight, but even then, Parasite is arguably the very best film to win Best Picture in over ten years. 

Bong Joon-ho has long proven he can blend genres effortlessly, with such films as The Host, Okja and Snowpiercer serving up monster and sci-fi movies dealing with everything from capitalism to family. With Parasite, he navigates genres with more authority than ever before, ready to contort his socially-insightful comedy turned home-invasion horror into any beast at any given moment. 

There's a great deal to unpack here... it's a good job the UK home release is confirmed!


Audiences talk Parasite on Twitter

Viewers are still flocking to see the film, so of course, the praise for it continues to pour in.

Check out a selection of tweets:





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