Following major cancellations over coronavirus concerns, people are worried whether the pandemic will affect the ski resorts.

The coronavirus has put a huge impact on numerous events, flights and large gatherings in the UK and across Europe. 

Flights are being cancelled, schools are closed in many countries for the next few weeks while holidaymakers are concerned about how the virus will affect their upcoming trips. 

Those going on a ski holiday in France are wondering whether the resorts are still open. 

Let’s find out!

Are French ski resorts still open?

No. French holiday destinations have had a quick turnaround, declaring on Sunday, March 15th that all resorts would shut. 

This comes just two days after they were adamant they’d stay open. 

Most ski seasons end in April or early May, when the snow starts to melt. But this now will bring the end date before the Easter holidays, one of the busiest times of the ski season’s calendar. 

Skiing in Chamonix 

Mont Blanc Retreats writes that there are no confirmed cases in Chamonix, France. 

The whole ski resort, including its pistes, bars and restaurants, remains open. 

The resort is taking extra care in cleaning their lifts and they regularly update their latest travel information.

Skiing in Morzine 

On their official Facebook page, the ski resort Morzine explains that skiing remains open until further notice from the government. 

So as usual, make sure you check their updates regularly if you’re travelling there soon. 

Skiing in Valloire

For the latest updates, head to the resort’s official website here



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