Aston Villa are vying to stay in the Premier League, whilst Leeds United are hoping to earn promotion.

Phil Thompson has stated that he would love to be a ‘fly on the wall’ when the Premier League convey for a meeting next week, where the likes of Leeds and Aston Villa will be discussed because of the current global health pandemic. 

Thompson stated that Leeds’ situation is ‘big’ considering they have been ‘fighting desperately’ for 15 years to earn promotion, whilst he pointed towards Aston Villa’s game in hand and how they could win that to get out of the bottom three. 

All of this stems around the global health pandemic and how suggestions such as the season being made null and void have been mooted.

Speaking to Sky Sports News (14/03/20 at 12:15 pm), Thompson was asked about the Premier League potentially being expanded to 22 teams next season, with Leeds and West Brom earning promotion, and the likes of Villa staying in the top-flight.

“There are so many situations, and I’d like to be a fly on the wall next Thursday when they are having the meeting again,” Thompson told Sky Sports. “That would be really, really cool.

“But, you look at it, we [Liverpool] have waited 30 years for a Premier League title. Leeds United have been fighting desperately trying to get up for 15 years back to the Premier League. So, that is big.

“There’s a big gap down there in the Championship. How they are going to sort it out, I don’t know. The bottom teams in the Premier League. Aston Villa have that one game in hand. I know it’s difficult and people would say ‘Oh, would they win it or would they not win it?’. But you have to say they could do. They would then move up three or four places.”


One of the biggest problems facing everyone is in the unknown. And until that is cleared up then clear solutions can be put forward.

Until then, it may well just be a long wait, and given that Leeds have waited 15 years for promotion, their fans won’t mind waiting a few more months.

Leeds, who during the December and January period hit a bad patch, were arguably just producing their most consistent and best performances to date. Sitting top of the Championship, they were heading only one way, and that was back to the promised land. So, to take that away from them by declaring the season null and void would be heartbreaking for their fans.

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