Fans on social media have linked the global pandemic of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) to one particular scene from 2002 Pixar flick Monsters inc. And you have to say, they’re not wrong.

Many parallels have been drawn between the TV and movie sphere and Covid 19.

The virus has been officially labelled by WHO (World Health Organisation) as a global pandemic, leading to bulk buys of everything from hand sanitiser to loo roll in every store from Superdrug to the Kwik-E-Mart – apparently, The Simpsons predicted not only a virus like Coronavirus but the infection of Hollywood star Tom Hanks in a 2007 episode.

How bizarre.

Now, attention has turned to a scene in Monsters inc, where Covid 19 slips into the drama in uncanny fashion.

Monsters inc: We’ve got a 23-19

In 2002 kids’ classic Monsters inc, Sully and Mike narrowly avoid running into trouble at the Scare Factory after a sock is left on the shoulder of one of the professional floor scarers.

The call “we’ve got a 23-19” is shouted as the monster, known as George Sanderson, is pounced on by the terrifying yellow-suited Child Detection Agency (CDA) and restrained to the floor.

According to trivia websites, the reason the red alert was called a “23-19” is because the numbers refer to letters W (letter number 23) and S (letter number 19), which therefore stands for White Sock.

Monsters inc: Covid 19 meme explained

It’s pretty easy to tie this one together, with fans replacing 23-19 for Covid 19 because it rhymes, and giving Monsters inc a place in real life.

People have likened over-the-top panic caused by Covid 19 to the famous Monsters inc scene, where the sight of a white sock causes complete mayhem. 

Fans on Twitter say that large portions of the UK public react just like the “23-19” scene when someone sneezes or coughs in a public place.

Monsters inc: Covid 19 on TikTok

One TikTok user has gone above and beyond when it comes to drawing parallels with Monsters inc and Coronavirus.

In fact, he made a video explaining how Covid-19 could mathematically form “23-19”, albeit through a tongue-in-cheek formula that alters all the way through.

In conclusion, however, there’s more than enough content here to suggest using your work from home day to stick on Monsters inc in the background.