The true age of YouTube star Danielle Cohn may finally have been revealed thanks to a Facebook post from her dad.

YouTube seems never to be without controversy these days.

One of the latest subjects to rile up viewers is the age of YouTuber Danielle Cohn.

But just how old is Danielle and why is this such a big issue?

Who is Danielle Cohn?

Danielle ‘Dani’ Cohn is a YouTuber who has amassed over 1.6 million subscribers at the time of writing. 

The social media star rose to fame on the TikTok app and has since branched out onto several other platforms including Instagram where she has over 4.6 million followers.

As well as creating general video content for YouTube, focusing primarily on her relationships, Cohn also has a growing music career and uses her channel to post music videos. 

Danielle Cohn performs live onstage at The Emerson Theater on December 13, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How old is Dani and why is her age controversial? 

A lot of Cohn’s YouTube and social media content focuses on her relationships, most prominently with fellow YouTuber Mikey Tua. Their videos have included controversial pranks, such as Danielle faking pregnancy in a video.

However, the pair broke up last year and fans quickly speculated that it was Dani’s age that caused the pair to split.

Danielle has stated that she was 15 years old during their relationship (now 16 years old) and a quick Google search will show you that her birthday is reportedly March 7th, 2004, which would make her 16.

However, according to Distractify last year, Danielle’s father, Dustin Cohn, took to Facebook to clarify his daughter’s age and explained that she was only 13 years old.

Dustin said:

“Danielle is 13. I have never liked Danielle being on social media especially when she started at such an early age…”

Tracing back the various controversy

Fans on social media have always debated the age of Dani.

In YouTube videos, Dani has stated that she previously won the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen. The pageant requires contestants to be no older than 10 years old. If Dani was 10 at the time of when she claims she won it, it would mean that she is 15 now.

However, in contrast, a story that came from Mikey Tua’s Instagram page that brought conflict to the age issue. A story was allegedly uploaded by Mikey’s parents to his page, where they stated that they were taking away Mikey’s Insta because he was a minor and that they did not support his relationship with Dani.

Mikey’s dad also posted on his own personal page where he accused Dani of lying. He said:

“I love my son very much. All I want is for him to be safe with himself and his decisions. As parents, we need to protect him from any harm that might come his way. He wants to get emancipated and I understand that but his emancipation could get him in prison. Dani is not 15.”

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