There’s a Roblox x Doctor Who event on the horizon with some goodies such as avatars of the tenth and thirteenth Doctor.

There’s been crossovers in the past for Roblox such as with Stranger Things back in 2019 and Fast And Furious Spy Racers earlier this year. However, there’s a new one of the horizon with players soon being able to get Doctor Who-themed goodies such as avatars of the tenth and thirteenth Doctor in the never-ending British series.

Roblox is played millions of people, and recently there were scares that Adopt Me was going to be hacked following what happened to Meepcity. The developer of Adopt Me responded to these concerns to try to calm the community down, but naturally there were still plenty of hysterics amongst the fandom.

However, away from the potentiality of anything being hacked, Roblox fans have Doctor Who items to look forward to. And you’ll be able to grab them very, very soon.

When is the Roblox x Doctor Who event?

The Roblox meets Doctor Who event begins on March 12th and then finishes on March 26th.

During this period of time, Roblox players will be able to download Doctor Who-themed items for the cost of nada.

How to get the Roblox x Doctor Who event items

Roblox players can get the Doctor Who items for free by downloading them before March 26th.

As for what Doctor Who items are included in the crossover, you can find the list below with the corresponding links to download them when available:

The Pterrible Pting

  • This tiny terror can eat any inorganic material. Thankfully, however, it won’t eat any organic material (meaning you).

Portable TARDIS

  • Funny thing about this backpack…it’s much, much bigger on the inside. This item is from the Doctor Who collection.

The Tenth Doctor

  • Two legs, two arms, two hands, BIG hair…and sideburns! This bundle is based on the Tenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor

  • This bundle, made of a bit of adrenaline, a dash of outrage, and a hint of panic, is based on the Thirteenth Doctor.

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