A rent an E-Girl website with the slogan Never Battle Alone let’s you pay-to-play with ‘gamer girls’.

There’s a lot of people who understandably ask what an E-Girl is, and for those who are wondering it’s apparently a female who spends a lot time online. She can be a cosplayer or Tik-Tok enthusiast, but she can also be a gamer. And, if for whatever reason you’re desperate to play with one of these -E-Girl gamers, you can do so through a website which has the slogan Never Battle Alone. Not only that, but you can also sign up to become an E-Girl who gets paid to play with others.

There’s plenty of ‘gamer girls’ who earn a lot of money playing video games online, but this is usually through fans watching them on YouTube or on Twitch where they can make donations. Meanwhile, this E-Girl Never Battle Alone website instead allows you pay whatever their fee is to play an online match with them for an assortment of different video games.

And you can probably already guess that it’s lately been the talk of the block on Twitter.

What is the E-Girl Never Battle Alone website?

The E-Girl Never Battle Alone website is a service which allows you to pay-to-play with E-Girls.

Some of these pay-to-play prices range from $1 a game to $5. Each person you can play with has a profile and they all have a voice sample as well for you to listen to.

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Oh, and of course there’s also profile pictures.

Per the website’s description, “E-girl is a mysterious organization provides professional companions… It is said that the girls in the organization are so pretty, their voices are sweet and gentle, and skills are superior. They are actually game players and teammates.”

You can also sign-up to become an E-Girl if you so wish, and the first 500 sign-ups “will enjoy free platform service fee for life”.

However, there are some conditions as the website says you should be a “game master” who has a sweet voice and is beautiful. But don’t worry, there are plenty of E-Girls already who have a cat as their profile picture and voices that are curiously male rather than feminine.

In regard to what gamers you can play with these people, the website includes the following:

  • League Of Legends

  • Overwatch

  • Minecraft

  • Fortnite

  • CounterStrike Global Offensive

  • DOTA 2

  • Heroes Of The Storm

  • World Of Warcraft

  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

  • Gwent

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