The new advert from Tena has certainly sparked a debate after it appeared on TV.

It’s not often that a TV advert is as memorable as the TV show or film you’re watching but in some rare instances, that’s certainly the case.

Creating a memorable ad can often be seen as an art form and usually requires the inclusion of a famous face or catchy song.

The latest advert from Tena features neither of those but remains just as memorable. 

The 2020 Tena Lady advert

The latest advert from Tena, which is directed by Yorgos Lanthimos of The Favourite, is part of the company’s new Ageless campaign and features a host of scantily clad women all over the age of 55.

In the ad, we hear voice-overs from the women discussing how age has not dulled their confidence, senses or sex lives.

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Being a Tena ad, the women also make reference to incontinence and how they don’t allow it to affect their lives either. 

The advert’s message

The ad is aimed at raising awareness of and destigmatising ageing and all of the quirks that come with it, including incontinence.

The campaign is based on a survey that Tena undertook that showed women over 50 are just as confident and just as sexually active as they were in their younger years even as side effects of ageing start to emerge.  

Viewers are divided over the advert

Naturally, this has had a positive impact on the ad’s target audience with many taking to social media to praise the brave and bold advert.

One fan of the advert commented on Twitter: “This campaign is awesome.”

While a comment on the Tena YouTube channel read: “So proud of this. Authentic and brave.”

However, for those not in the target audience, seeing the ad appear on TV, was somewhat of a shock – to put it kindly.

One of the kinder comments on social media said: “I don’t like the new Tena Lady advert that’s just been on.”

While another said: “Too much? Yes.”

It’s clear to see that the ad won’t please everyone but it’s certainly a sign of change that ads like this are being made and broadcast.

If you want to find out more about Tena’s Ageless campaign, you can check out their website.