The release time for Borderlands 3 on Steam and when you can preload it.

Despite having already been out since September of last year, Borderlands 3 is only now coming to Steam thanks to a highly controversial six-month exclusivity deal with Epic Games. With the frantic, colourful, whacky and bloody shooter launching on Steam in just a matter of days, here you’ll find when you can preload it and what its release times are.

For those who have been waiting for Borderlands 3 on PC due to not wanting to buy it from the Epic Games store for reasons, you’ll be glad to know that the third instalment is essentially more of what makes the series so excellent but with a whopping one billion guns. There’s also plenty of DLC for when you finish the campaign, including the upcoming and brilliantly named, Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

However, before you can even see the end of the rainbow, below you’ll discover what its release times on Steam are and when you can preload.

When can you preload Borderlands 3 on Steam?

You can preload Borderlands 3 via Steam on March 10th.

As for what time you’ll be able to preload Borderlands 3 on Steam, 2K have simply said in the early afternoon (Pacific time).

In regard to how much space is needed in order to be able to play the game on your personal computer, it’s recommended that you have at least 75 GB of free hard drive space before installing the third entry.

When does Borderlands 3 come out on Steam?

The release time for Borderlands 3 on Steam is 15:00 GMT on March 13th.

As for elsewhere, the Borderlands 3 release time for Steam is 07:00 PST and 10:00 EST.

Once the preload is complete and the above hours come about, the game should be unlocked and become available to play.

And yes, crossplay between Steam and Epic Games players is possible. You should also know that your Epic Games save can be transferred to Steam, but this will have to be done manually with there being the potential risk of you losing your save file.

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