Update: this article mentions that Horizon Zero Dawn is rumoured for Steam but that was before it was confirmed for the PC palatform. It is planned for Steam in summer 2020.

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Some gamers are wondering if Ghost Of Tsushima is a permanent PS4 exclusive or if it’ll follow Death Stranding onto PC.

The release date for Ghost Of Tsushima has just been announced. Sucker Punch’s newest game will land on PlayStation 4 in June just after The Last Of Us Part 2 debuts in May. While every Sony loyalist is understandably incredibly excited about playing as a Samurai, some PC gamers are wondering if it’ll land on the ‘master race’ similar to Death Stranding.

We know Death Stranding is coming to PC on June 2nd after having debuted as a PS4 exclusive back in November. However, in addition to Hideo Kojima’s divisive experience, there have also been countless rumours about Horizon Zero Dawn landing on the master race this year as well. Furthermore, when asked about the prospect of Dreams coming to PC, Media Molecule didn’t deny the possibility.

Death Stranding and the above speculation for Horizon Zero Dawn and Dreams have naturally resulted in gamers wondering what PS4 exclusives will remain only on Sony’s console. And this has caused some questions about Ghost Of Tsushima.

Is Ghost Of Tsushima coming to PC?

Ghost Of Tsushima is not coming to PC as it will be a PS4 exclusive at launch.

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There have been rumours and supposed evidence provided for Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC in 2020, but there hasn’t been any shared speculation in regard to Ghost Of Tsushima making the move also.

With all of this being said, Ghost Of Tsushima will be playable on the PS5 when Sony’s next-gen console launches in the Fall (although there’s no word on an upgraded version being released).

Although nothing has been officially stated about a PC port by Sony, there has been speculation about the likes of The Last Of Us Part 2 making it to the master race in the future, so anything could hypothetically happen.

However, as of this moment, Ghost Of Tsushima, The Last Of Us Part 2, and even Horizon Zero Dawn are/will be Sony console exclusives as Sony hasn’t officially announced or suggested anything concerning PC releases.

It’s obvious that PC players want to be able to play Ghost Of Tsushima, but it is a Sony console exclusive with nothing at the moment to officially suggest that it’ll later be published and playable on personal computers.