TikTok’s Ahi Challenge has captivated millions of fans but what song is used in the videos?

The internet is full of a whole manner of weird and wonderful trends that come and go and the social media site TikTok is always a firm fan-favourite.

Over the past few months, countless trending videos and challenges have popped up with most major creators giving their own take on a new dance move when one goes viral.

The latest challenge to be picking up traction is the Ahi Challenge which sees TikTok users dancing to a catchy Spanish rap song but what’s the song in question? 

What’s the song?

The song used in the Ahi Challenge videos is Tra Tra by rapper Nfasis.

The song appears on the 2017 album Reggaeton Latino y Mas and has been played more than eight million times on both YouTube and Spotify.

Who is Nfasis?

According to music site Buena Musica, Nfasis is a music artist from the Dominican Republic.

Born in Santo Domingo on May 25th, 1988, the 31-year-old artist has reportedly been active since 2012.

Apart from Tra Tra, another of Nfasis’ biggest tracks is Lento which has over 30 million Spotify listens but over 80 million views on YouTube.

The lyrics of Tra Tra

In the 14-second clip that TikTokers have been using, the lyrics are simply:

Pónteme de espalda




Unsurprisingly, the lyric ‘Ahi’ is where the TikTok challenge gets its name from. 

Translated into English, these lyrics mean:

Put your back against mine




Head over to TikTok to check out more examples of the Ahi Challenge featuring the song Tra Tra by Nfasis.

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