It’s not too late for Tottenham.

The Jose Mourinho experiment isn’t working out so far at Tottenham. He’s had injuries to contend with, but results are still underwhelming.

Most worrying of all, it seems Mourinho may not have really changed much.

He still seems antagonistic in his press conferences, and like a powder keg ready to explode at any time. His players are not responding in a positive manner.

It isn’t too late for Tottenham to go cap in hand to former boss Mauricio Pochettino and ask him to return to the club as manager this summer, and kick Mourinho aside in the process.

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Pochettino was fired because he seemed to hit a wall, after six impressive years at the club.

That’s understandable, there was always likely to be a hangover after the Champions League final. Nobody imagined quite how bad it would be.

Tottenham’s decision to fire Pochettino was extreme, but it probably did him a favour.

He has had a chance to take a break from the game, and consider his options. 

Perhaps Tottenham are the best option for him after all?

Zinedine Zidane is topping La Liga with Real Madrid, and Manchester United do not seem in a hurry to snap him up, trusting the project Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is building.

Even Manchester City seem less attractive now with the threat of a Champions League ban.

Pochettino may be waiting for a job offer which may not arrive for a couple of years.

He should understand the business aspect of Levy drawing a line on his management last November. Something had to give.

It’s possible right now, Levy appreciated what he lost.

Right now it isn’t too late to try and bring Pochettino back. If circumstances elsewhere change and he takes a job elsewhere in the Premier League this summer, the chance to reunite will be gone.

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