The latest Murder 24/7 centred upon Abdulmalik Cali under investigation by Colchester police.

It’s a great time to be a documentary lover…

Seriously, there’s so much interesting content being made right now and in recent years the public’s interest in non-fiction filmmaking and series has really amplified.

Fortunately, streaming services like Netflix have stepped up to the plate to satisfy demand, offering audiences such highlights as The PharmacistDon’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, American Factory, Tell Me Who I Am and The Great Hack

You’ll notice that these efforts cover different bases, but one of the most popular genres of documentary is, and we’re sure always will be true crime. 

Viewers have long been fascinated with flocking to documentaries which chronicle real-life crimes, drawing attention to the process of seeking out justice. There have been some solid examples of late, with some actually listed above. Yet, the latest to capture attention is the BBC series Murder 24/7… 

BBC: Murder 24/7

Narrated by Phil Davis, this impressive piece of work has invited audiences to explore a handful of cases in close detail. 

The camera accompanies teams of detectives and officials as they strive to get to the bottom of shocking murder investigations.

It makes for compelling viewing, with an emphasis placed on the important and difficult tasks which lay ahead of those enforcing the law and ensuring those responsible for the unspeakable are held to account. 

Recent episodes have centred on the murder of 49-year-old Carl Hopkins, which as highlighted by Essex Live, was found dead on Monday, February 11th 2019 at 8.20 am in Ryegate Road, Colchester by a member of the public.

A stab wound to his left lung caused his death and the violent crime was linked to another stabbing on the night of the 10th. 

Colchester police investigate Abdulmalik Cali

As highlighted by the Metro, 17-year-old Abdulmalik Cali was brought into the case after traces of his blood were found at the scene. 

There was initially a mix-up in which officials realised the young man’s blood had also been assigned to someone else, quickly putting to rest speculation that he may have had a twin. 

Cali was arrested and taken in for questioning, and a statement from the other man who was assaulted – John Birch – suggested that he and Carl were attempting to rob a drug dealer. His account of the struggle aligned with the injury on the side of Cali’s head, which is said to have been caused by a broken wine bottle. 

The teenager provided a written statement arguing that his actions had been in self-defence after the two men had tried to rob him, but what happened to him after that?

Murder 24/7: What happened to Abdulmalik Cali?

The earlier source [Metro] includes that the CPS were actually going to charge Cali for the murder of Carl Hopkins, the attempted murder of John Birch and the possession of a bladed weapon.

However, the recent episode saw the case go to Crown Court five months down the line and the jury reached a verdict of not guilty on counts of murder and attempted murder.

He had, indeed, already pleaded guilty to being in possession of a weapon, although, it’s noted at the very end of the episode that he was released from custody despite the charge after having spent five months on remand. 

In other news, The Split deserves renewal.