PS4 and Xbox One gamers are anxious to know when Disco Elysium will land on consoles following its triumphant success on PC.

There were lots of great games in 2019, but Disco Elysium was no doubt the biggest surprise amongst them. Its quality has been rewarded with it dominating the nominations for the 2020 BAFTAs, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers are understandably anxious to know just when they’ll be able to play it.

In addition to dominating lots of nominations at this year’s BAFTA awards, Disco Elysium also won big at the DICE awards by capturing the trophy for Outstanding Achievement in Storytelling. The developers shared in interviews that the game took them five years to make, but thankfully it won’t take nearly as long for the game to land on PS4 and Xbox One.

When is Disco Elysium coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

Disco Elysium is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2020.

We don’t know a specific date, month, or release window as of this moment, but we at least know it’s coming to PS4 and Xbox One sometime this year.

There will probably be some PC loyalists who will laugh and say it’s not suitable for consoles, but designer and writer Robert Kurvitz told USgamer (via Gamesradar) that “it plays really, really nicely on a controller because […] you don’t need to click around and give specific tactical commands, which the controller isn’t very good at.”

Disco Elysium coming to PS4 and Xbox One is as big as when the Divinity Original Sin series landed on consoles after debuting exclusively on PC.

Hopefully its console release date will be announced soon as it’s an epic experience that deserves to be played by as many as people as possible as soon as possible.

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