Murder 24/7 explores the case of Carl Hopkins in episode 4.

Fans of true-crime documentaries have been captivated by the cases explored in this brand new series courtesy of the BBC. 

Murder 24/7 follows teams of detectives and officials working in a variety of murder investigations, enlightening audiences to the ins and outs of seeking justice.

Episodes have already chronicled the heartbreaking cases of Courtney Valentine-Brown and June Knight, with episode 4 centring in on a murder case in Essex in which Carl Hopkins died as the result of a stabbing. 

Here an emphasis on the horrors and repercussions of knife crime paints a timely and cautionary portrait of an imperative issue in our society. Let’s look into it further…

Murder 24/7: Carl Hopkins

The episode explored the investigation of a double stabbing in the homeless community of Colchester, in which Carl Hopkins died and the other victim was left seriously injured. 

As highlighted by Essex Live, the 49-year-old was found deceased on Monday, February 11th 2019 at 8.20 am in Ryegate Road by a member of the public. 

A post mortem revealed two stab wounds and determined the cause of death to be one which breached his left lung. He had been sleeping on the streets at the time and his killing was connected to the attack and stabbing of yet another man close by on George Street who had been stabbed on the night of the 10th. 

So, was the culprit identified?

Was Carl Hopkins’ killer ever found

No, Carl Hopkins’ killer is yet to be found.

The earlier source [Essex Live], however, does note that a 17-year-old boy from Woolwich was in fact arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder just days later. 

For legal reasons he was unnamed, but it was announced that he had been charged in connection to the two incidents, but was found to be not guilty of the crime during trial last July.

Nevertheless, he was guilty of possessing a weapon, so was subsequently sentenced to four months in a young offenders institution, yet thanks to time spent on remand was actually released. 

Capturing the message of the episode, Detective chief inspector Stephen Jennings expressed: “This case highlights how there are no winners – only losers – when it comes to knife crime and drugs.”

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