Tottenham Hotspur were beaten 3-2 by Wolves at the weekend, with Jose Mourinho’s side losing their last three matches in a row.

Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho has told Football London that he thinks his side may be ‘too nice’.

Spurs lost 3-2 to Wolves yesterday, and Nuno’s side’s goals could have been stopped if Mourinho’s side were more cynical.

Wolves scored all three of their goals on the counter attack, with Tottenham failing to make a foul in the build-up.

In particular on the third goal, Diogo Jota was allowed to break at pace, without any Spurs player trying to bring him down.

And while it isn’t the most sporting behaviour to advocate, Mourinho suggested that his Tottenham side should have shown more willingness to bring Wolves attackers down to help benefit his side.

“We don’t have that aggression. We are too good, too nice. That was maybe the only difference between the teams,” Mourinho said.

There was a moment in the first-half when Tottenham were breaking that Ruben Neves showed the aggression that Mourinho was looking for.

The Wolves midfielder made a cynical foul to stop a promising Spurs counter and potentially saved his side a goal.

Tottenham’s defeat to Wolves means that they have now lost their last three matches in succession.

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