Doctor Who has always given new acting talent a chance and in the series 12 finale introduced Seylan Baxter in a key role in Time Lord folklore.

History is always being re-written in Doctor Who, whether it’s the Doctor and her companions meddling in historic events or the show’s writers tweaking details of the Doctor’s past.

Series 12 has featured plenty of both, but arguably the biggest revelation came in the final instalment of the 10-episode series.

Thanks to the Master and another of his dastardly schemes, we’re introduced to a character by the name of Tecteun who happens to be one of the most crucial figures in the history of Gallifrey. 

Series 12 finale introduces Tecteun

After being re-introduced at the start of the new series, the Master returned to our screens in the series finale and had another evil plan brewing. 

Naturally, it involved the Doctor and showing her a key part of Time Lord history through the Gallifreyan Matrix, the font of all Time Lord knowledge.

During the brief history lesson, we’re introduced to a character by the name of Tecteun, a Gallifreyan explorer and scientist who discovered a lost child with the power to regenerate.   

Tecteun dedicates her life to the study of regeneration and eventually unlocks the secret. In doing so, Tecteun becomes the very first of the Time Lords.

Who plays Tecteun?

When we first meet her, Tecteun is played by Scottish actress Seylan Baxter. 

She may not have any lines as the Master narrates her scenes, but her appearance certainly makes a huge impact.

Seylan Baker, who was born in the Scottish town of Milngavie, near Glasgow, has only recently taken to the acting world, making her debut in 2015. 

Unlike most actors, who study acting or drama during their youth, Seylan has earned degrees in Languages and Scottish Music and has spent much of her career working as a folk musician both singing and playing the cello.

Seylan Baxter: Films and TV

As mentioned, her acting debut came in 2015 when she appeared in the Michael Fassbender-starring Macbeth. 

Since then, she’s gone on to appear in almost 20 acting roles according to IMDb.

The most prominent of these have come in the likes of Outlander, Lovesick, The Victim and of course Doctor Who.

The series 12 finale of Doctor Who, The Timeless Children, is available to stream via BBC iPlayer after airing on March 1st, 2020. 

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