Always a Witch: Who plays Kobo? Meet actor Óscar Casas from Netflix series 2!

Always A Witch Netflix Oscar Casas Kobo

Always a Witch is back on Netflix with a second season. And there's a brand new addition to the show's cast called Kobo.

Netflix dropped new episodes of Always a Witch last week. With the arrival of a new season, come new faces too. 

The Colombian Spanish-language series first aired in January 2019 and quickly proved to be a massive success among viewers.

The show follows a witch called Carmen Eguiluz (played by Angely Gaviria) who travels between seventeenth-century Cartagena, Colombia and the present.

So, let's meet actor Óscar Casas who plays Kobo in season 2 of Always a Witch. 

Who is Kobo in Always a Witch?

Kobo is one of the new additions to the cast of Always a Witch's second season. 

He is a wild pirate and makes his appearance at the beginning of episode 1, season 2.

In the Netflix show, Kobo gets romantically involved with Alicia (Sofia Bernal Araujo) who fans know as Carmen's friend from season 1.

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Meet actor Óscar Casas

Óscar Casas is a 21-year-old actor and comes from Barcelona. Despite his young age, the star already made several appearances in Spanish series and movies. 

In 2007, he played in the drama horror movie The Orphanage.

He also starred in the 2019 series Instinto alongside his brother Mario Casas. Mario is already a famous actor among the Spanish audience with hit movies such as the 2010 Three Steps Above Heaven and its sequel I Want You from 2012.

Next, Óscar will appear in the 2020 thriller series Xtremo and drama movie Granada Nights.

Always A Witch Netflix Oscar Casas Kobo

Viewers love Kobo 

It's safe to say, fans of Always a Witch are in love with Kobo and are hoping he makes a return in season 3. 

One viewer tweeted: “The 2nd season of Always a Witch: Kobo and Alicia’s relationship... I’ve cried so much I can feel my heartbeat in my brain.”

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