A short guide for where to find Deadpool’s milk carton in Fortnite to complete one of his week 2 challenges.

Season 2 of Fortnite is in its second week and this has resulted in a bunch of new objectives to complete such as stealing security plans and locating safe houses. However, in addition to these, it has also resulted in Marvel’s R-rated superhero, Deadpool, setting his own challenges such as finding his most definitely old and rank carton of milk.

Last week’s Deadpool challenges were easy to complete. All you had to do was locate his letter and be a rebel who doesn’t thank the bus driver.

While still not difficult, you may require a guiding hand to find Deadpool’s milk carton in Fortnite as the Marvel superhero’s secret hideout is full of disgusting clutter.

Deadpool’s milk carton location in Fortnite

The location of Deadpool’s milk carton in Fortnite Season 2 can be found in his secret hideout.

Simply enter Deadpool’s disgusting bathroom (while wearing disposable gloves), and you’ll find his milk carton atop the urinal by the love heart paintings.

And that’s all you need to know about how and where to find Deadpool’s milk carton.

Deadpool Fortnite challenges not showing up

Prior to yesterday there were some complaints from the Fortnite community about the Deadpool week 2 challenges not showing up.

This was because everyone was complaining on Thursday to which the Fortnite Status Twitter account responded by announcing that Deadpool will only set his challenges on Fridays.

So, when anticipating the week 3 challenges, expect them to land and become available on March 6th.

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