Will there be a Divinity Original Sin 3? What happened to the Fallen Heroes spin-off?

Callum Smith

Some Larian Studios fans want to know if there are any plans for a Divinity Original Sin 3 despite its developers working on Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 looks incredible. Its conversations are cinematic rather than the camera being positioned far away, the turn-based combat is very similar to Divinity Original Sin, and it just looks like a modern classic in the making. However, with developer Larian Studios being renowned for their work on Divinity, some fans of theirs want to know if there any plans for a Divinity Original Sin 3.

Larian Studios and other outlets have stressed that Baldur’s Gate 3 is not just Divinity Original Sin 3 but with a different name and brand. But, with that being said, fans of the turn-based series will surely enjoy everything the upcoming RPG has to offer as it promises to include most of what makes DOS so great: excellent storytelling, lots of choices, and plenty of major rewards and consequences.

Yet, while fans of Larian Studios will no doubt enjoy the developer’s break from the Divinity series, is there a third Original Sin project planned?

Will there be a Divninity Original Sin 3?

Divinity Original Sin 3 has not been announced nor is there anything at this moment in time to suggest that it will or won’t happen.

However, despite the lack of an announcement concerning a third sequel, the series is planned to continue with an XCOM-like spin-off named Divinity Fallen Heroes.

Announced back in March 2019, Divinity Fallen Heroes is said to be a co-production project between Larian Studios and Danish studio Logic Arts (maker of Expedition: Conquistador).

Rather than having players explore a vast open-world, Fallen Heroes would see players instead take on missions in squads and units of four while also managing their crew’s happiness.

What happened to Divinity Fallen Heroes?

Divinity Fallen Heroes was planned to launch in November 2019, but it was put on hold back in October.

Larian Studios posted a heartfelt message on their Twitter account about the future of Fallen Heroes and why it had been put on hold.

Per the message, the game required a far greater amount of development time and resources than Larian had anticipated.

As for the future, all that was stated is that Larian will continue to work on Baldur’s Gate 3 while Logic Arts focus on their own Expeditions games.

Although this is disappointing news that hasn’t received an update since, Larian did insist that there’s a great game in what has been made so far and that Fallen Heroes “will sometime reach the fans who await it”.

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