Tottenham Hotspur have lost their last two matches, with Jose Mourinho’s side struggling without their two main strikers.

Chris Sutton has told BBC Sport that he feels that Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho has got it all wrong with the way he has dealt with his side’s problems.

Mourinho has bemoaned Tottenham’s lack of a striker publicly recently, and suggested that things could get worse before they get better for Spurs.

The Portuguese boss has sounded very pessimistic in interviews, since injury to Heung-Min Son has added to his problems.

And Sutton feels as if Mourinho’s down-case attitude will cost Tottenham a chance at making it into the top four.

“Yes, Spurs have got injury problems but I don’t agree with the way Jose Mourinho has dealt with them,” Sutton said.

“Has he got a point, blaming all their problems on being without the likes of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min? No.

“This Mourinho, who is throwing his toys out of the pram, is the one I think a lot of people thought we would see at Spurs, so it is not a surprise.

“Of course it is not ideal to lose your star striker and his main back-up but they have still got lots of quality in their squad.

“Rather than moan, Mourinho’s job is to get the best out of the other players in his squad – but he is not doing that at the moment.”

On the pitch Mourinho has tried to come up with solutions for Tottenham losing their two key attackers, but nothing has worked to date.

Spurs have started with Steven Bergwijn and Lucas Moura up front, but the pair are both fair more comfortable out wide.

Tottenham have now lost their last two matches to RB Leipzig and Chelsea, in what have been damaging defeats for their Champions League and Premier League hopes.

Mourinho’s men are set to face a tough test at the weekend too, as they take on Wolves.

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