Everything you must know about the Deadpool week 2 challenges for Fortnite and why they were previously not showing.

Fortnite Season 2 is well underway and the biggest surprise about its launch was the inclusion of Marvel’s greatest R-rated superhero, Deadpool. Players have to complete challenges assigned by the blabbermouth hero, and here you’ll discover his week 2 challenges plus why they were not showing yesterday.

As mentioned previously, Fortnite Season 2 commenced with week 1 Deadpool challenges. These were easy tasks which simply involved finding his secret hideout and being a rude a-hole who doesn’t thank the bus driver.

Now there are some week 2 challenges and these again aren’t too strenuous. They’re admittedly a bit more difficult than finding Walden’s hideously gross and unflushed secret bathroom, but they shouldn’t cause you a headache.

What are the Deadpool week 2 challenges in Fortnite?

The Deadpool week 2 challenges in Fortnite are as follows:

  • Find Deadpool’s milk carton – 0/1

  • Find Deadpool’s chimichangas around HQ – 0/3

These objectives aren’t too difficult so you should be able to complete them relatively easily.

Deadpool week 2 challenges not showing in Fortnite

The Deadpool week 2 challenges were not showing in Fortnite yesterday because it was Thursday as opposed to Friday.

Per the Fortnite Status Twitter account, Deadpool challenges will only be updated on Fridays throughout Season 2.

Therefore, the Deadpool week 3 challenges should be available on March 6th.

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