Although tackling disaster, the show itself has been triumphant.

Fans have been encouraged to ponder whether there will be a series 2 of Cobra on Sky. 

Last year was amazing for TV but 2020 is already off to a similarly terrific start. 

Netflix has given us new seasons for such fan-favourites as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Sex Education, with the final batch of episodes of BoJack Horseman also on the way in January. Then we’ve had the likes of ITV’s White House Farm to dive into – as we say, not a bad start at all!

Sky has also given audiences something to immerse themselves in with Cobra. 

The intriguing new series stars Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton, Richard Dormer, David Haig and more, which already makes it a must-see. We centre upon a British government in chaos and disbelief in the wake of a power outage. A solution must be reached, and the COBRA committee is formed, made up of experts, politicians and beyond, all of whom must come together to tackle the crisis. 

It’s definitely worth checking out, but what does the future hold?

Will there be a series 2 of Cobra on Sky?

Yes, Cobra series 2 has been confirmed. 

Great news!

This has been confirmed by the Radio Times, who highlights that the series has been considered one of Sky’s most successful drama titles in recent memory, with many audiences choosing to binge through it. 

This time around, we’ll reunite with the characters in the aftermath of the storms, with Prime Minister Robert Sutherland (Robert Carlyle) attempting to get things back on track. However, without spoiling anything, let’s just say there are significant complications on the way affecting progress. 

According to the same source, the great Robert Carlyle has expressed: “I’m absolutely delighted by the audience reaction and success of Cobra. I look forward to season 2 and welcome the chance to play the PM Robert Sutherland once again”.

Ben Richards gave us hope ahead of renewal. 

The show’s writer – Ben Richards – spoke to the press at a screening for the first episode before news of its renewal for a second series. 

According to the Express, when discussion turned to another series, he expressed: “I mean, we certainly want to… we’ve got other stories… and we are in plans and preparations for that.”

He continued: “So that’s definitely the hope… the big thing is to find that story that feels sort of big and satisfying enough.” There was also talk of “spin-off stories”

Elaborating on the aims of such a show, he also weighed in: “You need it to dramatically get worse over six episodes, I think we’ve found that, that’s the aspiration… The biggest tragedy with this fantastic cast would be to not go into another series. That comes from the heart, I just love watching them.” 

What do audiences think of Cobra?

A number of audiences have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts and opinions on Cobra. 

Check out a selection of tweets: 

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