The Call of the Wild may be set in the Canadian Yukon but Harrison Ford and Buck the dog never had to venture that far north in reality.

As the need for greater profits in the film industry continues to rise, we seem to be seeing more and more remakes and sequels to already established properties.

One of the highest-profile remakes or adaptations to release in early 2020 is The Call of the Wild, which hit cinemas on February 14th here in the UK.

The film is an adaptation of the 1903 novel of the same name by Jack London and one of at least five film adaptations of the novel which is set in the Yukon region of Canada.

However, the 2020 edition of The Call of the Wild strayed from its roots when it started filming in September 2018. 

The Call of the Wild 

The Call of the Wild is centred around Harrison Ford’s John Thornton and an unusually emotive dog, a St. Bernard-Scotch Collie by the name of Buck.

During the Gold Rush of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Buck is abducted from his loving home in California and is transported to the Yukon region of Canada to be used as a sled dog. 

After being heavily overworked, Buck is taken into the care of John Thornton and the pair head out into the wilds of the Yukon to escape the people who abused Buck.

Where was The Call of the Wild filmed?

Despite being set in the picturesque Yukon region of Canda, The Call of the Wild was not actually filmed on location.

Instead, filming took place in Los Angeles and the surrounding California area. 

As well as Hollywood studio stages, filming also took place in the LA suburb of Santa Clarita where much of the outdoor filming took place.

To give the Los Angeles locations the look of the Candian Yukon, a lot of CGI was implemented which can be seen throughout the film and its action scenes in particular.   

Even the dog is CGI 

As well as using CGI to bring the film’s locations to life, even Buck, as well as most of the dogs in the film, were created in CGI form.

This works well in giving Buck more emotion, something which Jack London’s original novel contained in droves, but it does appear almost as if a CGI dog from a Disney film (which this movie technically is now after the purchase of 20th Century Fox/Studios) has just been added alongside Harrison Ford.

The Call of the Wild is out now in cinemas after releasing on February 14th here in the UK.

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