Everything you must know about how to get clone Pikachu in Pokemon Go through a photobomb.

Armoured Mewtwo has returned to Pokémon Go as have clone Pokémon to celebrate Pokémon Day. One of these clones is a Pikachu with minimal aesthetic difference, and you can only get him through a sneaky photobomb.

In addition to clone Pikachu, you can also get Party Hat Pikachu, Eevee, Squirtle and others. However, the clone Pokémon will only be available to capture in Pokémon Go for a limited time.

So, to get clone Pikachu, you will need to be taking plenty of photos for him to potentially photobomb.

How to get clone Pikachu in Pokémon Go

Clone Pikachu must photobomb one of your Pokémon Go photos for you to get him.

So, to get clone Pikachu in Pokémon Go, you must simply take photos via the game’s camera and hope for him to photobomb.

You only have until March 2nd to have the Pokémon clone ruin one of your professional snapshots of reality.

Once he does photobomb one of your carefully set up photographs, you’ll then be able to capture him with a Poké Ball.

Clone Pikachu will have a massive smile on his face. As for what his physical difference is, observant viewers will notice that the black tips of his ears are slightly messier and spikier than normal Pikachu’s. We know, it’s a pretty incredible difference that is super easy to notice.

Although luck will partly need to be on your side for him to quickly photobomb one of your photos, you should be able to get clone Pikachu relatively easy.

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