The Murder 24/7 narrator will definitely be a familiar voice to many.

Documentary lovers have found themselves immersed in this BBC Two series. 

We’ve already seen some incredible documentary work in 2020, with stand-out efforts such as Netflix’s The Pharmacist making a profound impression. 

The latest demanding of attention is Murder 24/7, which invites true crime enthusiasts to reflect on and understand the hard work put in by those attempting to achieve justice. 

It follows teams of detectives and officials working in murder investigations. As you’d expect, it can make for particularly upsetting viewing, but it’s never short of enlightening. Each episode helps to stress the importance of how investigators must race against the clock to solve cases and the stress felt by those we follow certainly translates. 

As a bonus, it’s brilliantly narrated… 

Murder 24/7 narrator

The narrator of Murder 24/7 is none other than Phil Davis. 

He serves as a great guide, helping audiences to navigate the cases explored on screen.

The 66-year-old English multi-talent is foremostly known as an actor but has worked as a director in the past on such projects as 1999’s Hold Back the Night, along with episodes of Moving Story and the mini-series Primal Suspect 5: Errors of Judgement

However, you’re going to recognise him from being in front of the camera rather than behind it. So, let’s explore his previous roles. 


Murder 24/7 narrator Phil Davis: Movies & TV

According to IMDb, Phil Davis first appeared on screens way back in 1972’s The Canterbury Tales from controversial and revered filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. 

He went on to star in more incredible films across his lengthy career, including such highlights as 1979’s Quadrophenia (he played Chalky), Mike Leigh’s High Hopes (Cyril), Alien 3 (Kevin), Vera Drake (Stan), Notes on a Scandal (Brian Bangs), Cassandra’s Dream (Martin Burns), Another Year (Jack), Brighton Rock (Spicer) and Mr. Holmes (Inspector Gilbert). 

There are a wealth of great TV shows too, including Silent Witness (various), Riviera (Jukes), Mad Dogs (Lawrence), Silk (Micky Joy), Whitechapel (DS Ray Miles), Being Human (Captain Hatch) and more. 

Poldark fans will also know him as Jud Paynter. 

In other news, Call the Midwife is coming back for more.