Frozen 2 broke records at the cinema but when will the Disney sequel be heading to DVD and Disney+?

It was only a matter of time before Disney decided to release a sequel to the most successful animated film of all time.

After six years of waiting, that sequel finally arrived in the form of Frozen 2 and it’s safe to say that fans of the first film weren’t left disappointed.

Now that we’re firmly in the new year, attention has already turned to the film’s DVD release, especially among those who didn’t see the appeal of watching the film in a room with lots of restless and noisy children.

But when exactly is Frozen 2 expected to come to DVD and Blu-Ray? And will it be available to stream on Disney+?

When will Frozen 2 be on DVD?

Frozen 2 will be released on DVD on Monday, March 30th 2020. 

You can now pre-order it on numerous formats on Amazon!

It’s currently the best-seller on the site’s animation section, and we anticipate it’ll be one of the year’s biggest home-format sellers, along with Todd Phillips’ Joker and the eventual release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

According to the Radio Times, the release will include such extras as deleted scenes, deleted songs, Easter eggs, outtakes and a sing-along version, as well as behind-the-scenes additions and making-of stories. 

Is it coming to Disney+?

Yes, but not straight away. 

If we take a look at Captain Marvel, which released in cinemas in March 2019, that arrived on Disney+ at launch on November 12th, which is a wait of around seven months. If Frozen 2 has a similar release schedule, we can assume that it will be arriving on Disney+ in approximately June 2020.

In the UK, Disney+ won’t be made available until Tuesday, March 24th 2020 so if Frozen 2 does release in June 2020 it will be one of the few things UK fans won’t have had to wait months for.

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