BBC One’s Doctor Who could be in for a massive shake-up if fan theories about Julie Graham’s character prove to be true.

Series 12 of Doctor Who has been teasing something big all season long. 

From the very first episode of the Spyfall two-parter, which saw the return of The Master, something has been steadily brewing in the background throughout each episode.

That something has been brought to the fore on several occasions during the series, most notably in the episodes Fugitive of the Judoon and The Haunting of Villa Diodati, where we’ve seen the return of Captain Jack Harkness, the introduction of a new ‘Doctor’ and the arrival of a lone Cyberman.

All of that has been steadily leading up to the two-part series finale and now, with one half of the finale over, fans have wasted no time in speculating about what comes next. 

Ravio in Ascension of the Cybermen

Ascension of the Cybermen continues on from last week’s (February 16th) episode, The Haunting of Villa Diodati. The Doctor and co. are on a mission to rescue the last human survivors of the Cyber War, while pursued by a trio of merciless Cybermen. 

The group of humans that the Doctor discovers includes the character Ravio, played by Scottish actress Julie Graham.

At first, she appears to be little more than a member of the crew, but as the episode goes on she’s revealed to be a keen pilot, knowledgeable of technology and a bit of a flirt as Bradley Walsh’s Graham will attest to.

Fans suspect Julia Graham’s character isn’t what she seems

Avid Doctor Who fans wasted no time in taking to social media with fan theories following the gripping episode 9.

And one theory surrounding Julie Graham’s character is that she could potentially be another Time Lord, or even another iteration of The Doctor themselves. 

One fan on Twitter commented: “Julie Graham’s ship seemed AWFULLY hexagonal, didn’t it.” 

While another added: “It’ll be a story where the last Earthlings will be the first Timelord’s and it’ll be all looped up. The Cybermen caused all of it, the old guy will be Rassilon, Julie Graham will be the Doctors mum, the Doctor is the Irish chap etc.”

Whether these theories prove themselves to be true remains to be seen but fans can find out for themselves when series 12 comes to an end in episode 10.

Series 12 finale

After series 12 began on New Year’s Day, the final episode of the series is due to arrive on March 1st and could very well shake-up Doctor Who forever.

We’ve already had the reveal of a second Doctor and if fans theories are correct then we could see a whole lot more, or possibly the return of the Time Lords.

Nevertheless, we can surely expect something hugely convoluted when The Timeless Children airs at 6:50pm on Sunday, March 1st.

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