Everything you must know about how to pre-order the Disney Plus app in the UK on PS4 and Xbox One to get a cheaper year-long subscription.

The magnificent Disney Plus app is finally coming to the UK very soon. Yes, it’s a service which has somewhat butchered The Simpsons as well as oddly censored Gravity Falls, but it’s still ridiculously good for those who love Marvel, Star Wars and nostalgic Disney Channel television. Here you’ll discover how to pre-order it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to get a cheaper year-long subscription fee.

There is a lot of concern at the moment that The Simpsons won’t be on the Disney Plus app when it launches next month in the United Kingdom. While this definitely would be disappointing for all of us who love steamed hams, there will still be plenty of TV shows and movies to watch in its stead.

So, if you’re convinced on subscribing to the service, below you’ll discover how to pre-order on both PS4 and Xbox One to get a cheaper subscription.

Disney Plus app UK release date for PS4 and Xbox One

The release date for the Disney Plus app in the UK on PS4 and Xbox One is March 24th, 2020.

PS4 and Xbox One gamers in the United States have been able to enjoy the Disney Plus app since its launch November, meaning it should be available on both consoles in March for the UK.

A monthly subscription will cost you £5.99 per month, whereas a year-long subscription will cost you £60.

However, if you pre-order before March 23rd, you can get a year-long subscription for cheaper.

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How to pre-order Disney Plus on PS4 and Xbox One in the UK

You must visit the Disney Plus website to pre-order the app for PS4 and Xbox One in the UK.

Pre-ordering the Disney Plus app doesn’t need to be done from your PS4 or Xbox One console.

Simply visit the sign-up website, enter your email address, create a complex password you can remember, and then enter your payment details.

It’s possible to pay via credit card and through PayPal.

When you click agree and subscribe, you will have created your Disney Plus account with a year-long subscription for the price of £49.99 rather than £60.

You’ll be able to watch the Disney Plus app on PS4 and Xbox One when it launches in the UK.

All you will need to do is download the app from the PSN or Microsoft Store, and then sign in through your account details.

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