It takes us on quite a journey, but where was Spectros filmed?

New Netflix series Spectros has audiences intrigued as to where it was filmed.

It’s already been a busy year!

By that, we mean there’s been plenty to watch, and we really do mean plenty. Increasingly, we find much of what we watch is on Netflix, which makes perfect sense considering just how much they put out. 

The streaming service has offered us the chance to dive into the likes of The Stranger, Locke & Key and a selection of familiar favourites with new seasons so far. 

It’s all about variety though, and for those who don’t like comedy, there’s a gritty crime-thriller just waiting to be explored and vice versa. For those who enjoy the more bizarre and imaginative landscape of television, Netflix has you covered with the exciting Spectros.  

Spectros on Netflix

Now for something spooky with Spectros.

This seven-episode Brazilian series released on Netflix on Thursday, February 20th 2020. 

Directed by Douglas Petrie, we’re thrown into a captivating supernatural thriller which celebrates its diverse influence of Brazilian folklore, history and the addition of Japanese ghost stories – that last one is very much apparent!

It stars Cláudia Okunu, Danilo Mesquita, Enzo Barone, Pedro Carvalho and Mariana Sena in a tale of five teenagers who shockingly discover the supernatural reality that surrounds their own. Ghostly revenge ensues for past horrors as we delve deeper into this lively nightmare. 

There’s lots to admire with this one, including the locations… 

Where was Spectros filmed?

According to The Cinemaholic, the series is filmed in São Paulo, Brazil. This is also where it’s set. 

As fans of the series will know, the location is very important to the story, but we’ve also seen some other great shows filmed there over the years, including the likes of Omniscient, Sense8 and Black Mirror, as highlighted by the same source.

A huge proportion of footage was shot on real São Paulo streets, but much of the interiors (houses etc.) were actually shot in a studio rather than on location. The likely reason for this is that it made it far easier to add in the more outlandish visuals in post. 

Arguably the most integral shooting location was São Paulo’s Liberdade district, which is where the protagonists live. So, those that are familiar with the area will admire the authenticity, being able to recognise certain spots which feature throughout the episodes. 


Twitter reactions to Netflix’s Spectros

A number of audiences have already taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts on Spectros. 

Some are a little underwhelmed but others are completely taken with it – that’s just how it goes. Check out a selection of tweets below:




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