Hopes have turned to Modern Family season 12, but is more on the way?

We’d all be pretty happy to dig into Modern Family season 12.

What is your favourite sitcom? 

There have been so many great ones we’ve treasured over the years including the likes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Arrested Development, Friends, It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia and The Big Bang Theory.

However, we’re here to talk about another popular favourite. 

Modern Family arrived on screens way back in 2009, now boasting an admirable legacy spanning over a decade. Created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, we were immediately drawn to Jay Pritchett and his family out in LA. Every episode since the very first has been like a hug and few shows are so addictively binge-worthy, let’s face it. 

We’ve now been with these wonderful characters for a whopping eleven seasons, celebrating lots of awards wins – from Golden Globes to Emmys – along the way.

Modern Family: No season 12

Modern Family won’t be back for season 12, as it’s been confirmed that season 11 is the final season of the show. 

The final episode – titled ‘”Finale Part 2’ is set to air initially on Wednesday, April 8th 2020. After that, we’ll simply have to go back and watch the series all over again. Honestly, that sounds pretty appealing but we’d still rather have new episodes!

Of course, they can’t say goodbye without attempting to deliver the most memorable season yet and that means guest stars. As highlighted by Entertainment Weekly, they have some amazing ones lined up including Jordan Peele (director of Get Out), Elizabeth Banks (Charlie’s Angels), Courteney Cox (Friends) and David Beckham.

It will be tough to see it go, but the feeling’s mutual.

Modern Family fans take to Twitter

So many fans have taken to Twitter to shower Modern Family season 11 with the highest of praise. 

Seeing so much love for it makes us wish even more that season 12 was a reality, but we guess all good things must come to an end. 

Check out a selection of tweets:







Rico Rodriguez on Modern Family final season

Manny Delgado actor Rico Rodriguez has grown up before our very eyes on the show. 

In conversation with Hollywood Life, he opened up ahead of season 11 wrapping and expressed: “They’re my second family, so I know that once we’ve finished in March, I am going to think we’re going to come back and start up in July. It’s going to be weird when that time of the year comes around again and we know we’re not going to get together to start filming again.”

Similarly, it’s going to be weird for fans who momentarily forget there’s no more and wonder when season 12 will surface. 

He continued: “It’s definitely going to be weird and an adjustment period. But it can also be fun to venture out. I think all the cast can venture out and do things that may be different than what we have done already, but it’ll be weird. But I think we’ll still keep in touch and everything.”

We hope to see all of them jump aboard a range of exciting new projects… the best of luck to all and thank you for years of entertainment!

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