You can now get the Winter Refresh Twitch Prime pack for FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 players can now get the Twitch Prime pack that was promised with the Winter Refresh update. All you need to do is follow the steps in the original story to discover how to claim the Twitch Prime pack.

Once you’ve claimed the FIFA 20 Winter Refresh Twitch Prime pack, you just need to launch Ultimate Team to get it.

You do this by proceeding to the Store and then selecting My Packs. This loot drop contains the following reward:

  • 1x 81 OVR or better player choice plus 4 rare gold player items

There will be more FIFA 20 Twitch Prime packs to claim in March, April, Spring and Summer.

Original story:

The FIFA 20 Winter Refresh update has been released providing upgrades for the likes of Jamie Vardy, James Maddison and – bizarrely – Daniel James. However, the update also comes with a free player pick pack for Ultimate Team that can only be claimed via having a Twitch Prime account.

EA released a Twitch Prime pack for FIFA 19 back in July. The steps you must follow for the FIFA 20 Winter Refresh version are essentially the same meaning you shouldn’t encounter any issues provided you have the necessary accounts.

FIFA 20 Twitch Prime: How to claim free player pick pack

You must link your Twitch Prime account to your EA account to claim the FIFA 20 Winter Refresh player pick pack.

However, before you do that, you must first ensure that your PSN ID or Gamertag is linked to your EA account. This will most definitely already be done as it’s the first step you likely took when playing FIFA 20 for the very first time.

If you need to check whether you’ve linked your gaming profile, all you need to do is check your About Me page on and see if your Gamertag is underneath Connected Accounts.

Provided your PSN ID or Gamertag is linked to your EA account, you must then link your EA profile to your Twitch Prime account.

To link your EA and Twitch Prime account, simply click here and input the necessary details to connect the accounts. Once the accounts are linked you’ll be told that your details have been transmitted to Twitch and that it’s now okay to close the window/tab.

Once the FIFA 20 Winter Refresh special player pack becomes available, you should then be able to claim it from your Twitch Prime rewards and loot page.

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