The Fortnite Season 2 downtime is over and the update sizes for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have been provided.

The servers downtime for Fortnite Season 2 is now finished meaning you should be able to download the update and log in.

Epic Games’ Season 2 update for Fortnite is said to be 26 GB on Xbox One, 8-15 GB on Nintendo Switch, and between 10-13 GB on PlayStation 4 (via VG24/7). .

Update 1:

Fortnite is currently in the middle of a downtime as Epic Games plan to release Season 2 of Chapter 2. With the developer having released a ton of teasers as well as the second season’s trailer, it’s understandable that are lot of fans are impatiently asking how long the downtime is and what time the new season is coming out.

Rather than a couple of hours, the answer for how long the Fortnite Season 2 downtime will last may be 3-4 hours.

Epic Games’ downtimes usually only last 1-2 hours, but the developers have said that the patch size for the update will be larger than normal.

Until the game comes online again with the Season 2 update available to download, you can scout the Fortnite twitter page to see all of its latest teasers and droppings.

Original story:

Fortnite Season 1 is coming to an end. The Epic Games Battle Royale community have recently been edged with lots of Season 2 teasers, but tomorrow you’ll finally be able to play the new season. This article provides the estimated servers downtime for when the new season of Fortnite Chapter 2 should commence shortly afterwards.

As previously mentioned, there’s been an assortment of teasers for Fortnite Season 2. These have resulted in fans assuming that Chaos Agent will be making a return in a new season where gold material will be a key theme.

We don’t know everything about the second season as a lot of it is hidden behind cryptic marketing, but we do know that it’s scheduled to be coming out very soon.

Fortnite Season 2 teaser and Chaos Agent

There have been a number of teasers for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 which strongly suggest that Chaos Agent will be making a return.

In addition to the Chaos Agent teaser, it also appears as if there could be changes to the map for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

Per Gamesradar, the Battle Royale community on Reddit have been able to decipher a tease which suggests there will be a major change to the Eye Land landmark. According to what the community has reportedly discovered, this area will be turned into a base with a helicopter landing pad.

As well as the above, there’s also been the leak of a skin seemingly destined for Season 2 named Oro (meaning Gold in Spanish). This golden skeleton was leaked via update 1.40 and his caricature makes him an obvious candidate for a season that has a blatant fetish for gold.

Not only is gold an obvious theme with golden handprints all over the marketing, but Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi has also uncovered golden furniture and props.

When is the new season of Fortnite coming out?

The new Season 2 for Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming out on February 20th.

It’s been predicted that the new season update for Fortnite will arrive after the servers downtime of 01:00 PST, 04:00 EST and 09:00 GMT.

These are the estimated times for when the Fortnite servers are expected to go down based on previous season launches (via Express).

Epic Games hasn’t announced any specific times as of writing though, so you shouldn’t treat the above as gospel.

However, after multiple delays, the very least fans can expect is for the new Season 2 to come out on February 20th.

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