Fortnite celebrity Ninja has been criticised for his controversial “it’s just a game” tweet with some claiming that it makes him stupid.

Fortnite Season 2 has officially commenced and the Battle Royale community couldn’t be any happier. Deadpool is a part of the new season and there’s a clear fetish with gold, but away from the actual game Ninja continues to be mocked on Twitter for a very divisive tweet about people who patronisingly say “it’s just a game”.

Ninja has made plenty of disagreeable and controversial statements in the past about Fortnite and gamers such as once claiming that creators should never be banned from the title regardless of any cheating. Essentially saying they deserve prefererntial treatment because they’re crucial to the longevity of Epic Games’ Battle Royale experience.

However, his latest tweet about people who say “it’s just a game” has caused equally as much of an uproar from both gamers and even those who don’t play video games.

Fortnite: Ninja’s “it’s just a game” tweet

Fortnite celebrity Ninja posted a tweet on February 18th that criticised people who patronisingly say “it’s just a game”.

CCN claims that it’s the “stupidest thing” Ninja has ever said, meanwhile others have proclaimed that it’s “weak” and that it demonstrates why and how gaming continues to be inaccessible.

In addition to these above remarks and outlooks, plenty of people on Twitter continue to mock and lambast the Fortnite streamer for his viewpoint.

In Ninja’s defence

Although I’m not especially interested in Ninja or any other gaming celebrities, the Fortnite streamer’s tweet feels as if it has caused way too much of an outrage.

Promoting gamer rage as a positive isn’t ideal especially when he has a following of children who probably irk their parents with countless tantrums when playing Fortnite.

However, at the same time, “it’s just a game” is a condescending remark that can be applied to multiple forms of entertainment that even adults get overly angry about.

Football (or soccer) is “just a game” that brings out the absolute worst in people online and in-person (especially myself), meanwhile movies and television shows are just forms of entertainment that cause massive arguments online.

Gamer rage or angry reactions to any form of entertainment/sport are indicative of passion. Plus, we have to appreciate that Ninja plays Fortnite for a living with millions of people watching his every move so it’s understandable why he’s prone to becoming angry.

Some have suggested that Ninja is telling children it’s okay to smash keyboards and punch walls, but his tweet doesn’t say that anywhere. He doesn’t tell anyone how to be angry, he just promotes the attitude that you shouldn’t be content with losing and failure.

With all of the above being said, we don’t endorse gamer rage nor do we fully agree with Ninja’s viewpoint.

“When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice” is a proclamation that is easy to disagree with as being angry causes you to become rash when acting and making decisions. This means most people surely play better when calm and without steam blowing out of their ears.

However, while we don’t fully agree with Ninja’s outlook, we’re not going to feign outrage because it’s nothing more than a viewpoint and behavioural pattern we’re all guilty of.

Everyone has gotten angry over a video game or some other form of entertainment, so it’s more than a tad hypocritical to criticise Ninja for doing the same.

Again, promoting gamer rage as healthy isn’t ideal, but his sentiment about “there’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement” is a positive message that has been encouraged by dozens of successful people such as Cristiano Ronaldo. A lot of famous and successful people claim to have achieved their goals through anger that made them determined to become better.

The suggestion of using anger to become better at video games can easily be scoffed at and most would suggest using Ninja’s advice for activites such as sports, but gaming has become a competitive sport worth millions. You don’t need anger to become good at a game nor does losing matches make you a failure, but this is speaking as a casual who isn’t interested in competitive gaming or the eSports scene which can bag people millions.

Ultimately, you don’t need to like Ninja and his outlook on life to respect him as someone who isn’t stupid. He’s far from a stupid person as he’s managed to make an incredible life for himself out of doing something he loves and enjoys.

His tweet isn’t child-friendly, it’s contentious, and it admittedly could’ve been phrased better, but it’s also a viewpoint that has some merits. It’s not designed to encourage kids to throw the toys out of the pram when they lose a match, it’s mostly a message about never settling and always striving to better. And that’s a good attitude to have even if it is being said about video games.

You shouldn’t become someone who throws tantrums when playing video games, but the message of always seeking to better yourself is a positive motto. And that’s what you should take from Ninja’s tweet as opposed to gamer rage being acceptable.

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