What was supposed to be a relaxed and romantic getaway has turned into the holiday from hell for David and Sally Abel.

When you think of the site YouTube and the people who upload videos to it, more often than not, you’d be expecting those content creators to be young adults with swathes of teenagers for fans.

On the surface of YouTube, that’s exactly what you’d find but if you delve down several layers below the surface of YouTube you can find some pretty unique creators and some who you wouldn’t expect to find on the site.

In the case of David and Sally Abel, the generic YouTuber stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth.

Who are David and Sally Abel?

David and Sally Abel are a British couple in their 70s who have been vlogging their holiday experiences on YouTube for the past year but have risen to overnight fame for their latest series of vlogs on David’s channel which also promotes his business as a wedding and funeral celebrant.  

The couple’s most recent holiday vlog, which has seen the couple on a cruise around the Far East to celebrate their wedding anniversary, has received a huge amount of publicity after what was supposed to be a relaxing and romantic getaway turned into the holiday from hell.

The holiday from hell

David and Sally Abel’s YouTube efforts had only received a modest following at first but following their most recent exploits, they’ve become one of the most-watched couples in the UK, especially after their story was picked up by news outlets such as ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Channel 4 where the pair have now appeared regularly.

The pair have recently been on a cruise around the Far East including countries such as Japan. But their stay in the Japanese city of Yokohama, just outside Toyko, has been much longer than they could have anticipated after cases of coronavirus were found on their cruise ship, the Diamond Princess. 

As a result, the pair have been stranded on the ship since early February, after it was placed under quarantine. 

Coronavirus confirmed

On February 18th, David Abel confirmed in a Facebook post that he and his wife had been tested positive for coronavirus and that they would be taken to hospital in Japan.

Outside of China, where the coronavirus outbreak originated, The Diamond Princess cruise ship has the largest number of confirmed cases of the disease anywhere in the world, with the total of passengers and crew to be tested positive rising to 454 as of February 17th according to the Evening Standard

Following the announcement that they had been tested positive for the disease, David Abel commented on Facebook that he believes “this is a setup! We are NOT being taken to a hospital but a hostel.” 

Still unconvinced by the diagnosis, David responded to a comment on his post saying: “I doubt it [the test] was positive, if it was we would be in hospital.”

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