Audiences are wondering where Save Me is filmed as it returns so screens.

It’s back on TV, but where is Save Me filmed?

This year in television is set to get a whole lot better…

Already, we’ve had gripping dramas like White House Farm, Deadwater Fell, and on the lighter side of things, new seasons from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sex Education and more. 

Now, Sky Atlantic is inviting us to rewatch the first series of the fantastic thriller-drama Save Me ahead of new episodes.

That’s right, series 2 is on the way and ready to reunite us with Nelly Rowe (played by Lennie James). The search for his missing daughter intensifies, plunging him further and further into criminal circles. A great trailer recently surfaced, which sees the many people surrounding Nelly believing his quest is a lost cause, but he’s far from giving up. 

It’s set to arrive on Wednesday, April 1st 2020, but from Tuesday, February 18th Sky Atlantic are showing the first series. So, let’s take a moment to reflect.

Sky Atlantic: Save Me setting

For the most part, the narrative unravels in south east London in the Borough of Lewisham, which as audiences will know, is incredibly important to the story at hand. 

Our protagonist is the very embodiment of south London, becoming a part of the scenery somewhat. He lives in a council estate called the Towers in Deptford, but naturally, we see him navigate wider London as the plot thickens, encountering those in the community and beyond. 

As noted by the Express, creator and star Lennie James opened up about the decision to set it in Lewisham: “It’s a place that I know, I had family members living in and around that kind of place and I wanted to test myself to see if I could write a thriller… when I thought about it, setting it in Lewisham just made sense to me… I wanted to celebrate that part of London.”

Where is Save Me filmed?

According to the earlier source [Express], Lennie also added: “It had names of places that I as a south Londoner recognise, and people will recognise.”

Well, if you’re familiar with south London then you certainly will recognise them, as the production filmed on real locations. 

The exterior shots of the flats were indeed filmed in south-east London. On the other hand, the interiors were shot at a complex in Stratford. 

Audiences will recognise a number of streets as it filmed across London, with the cornerstone of the community – The Palm Tree pub – being a real place. You can find it in Mile End.


Save Me: The bonus of filming on location

It was definitely a great idea to film on location, adding a real sense of authenticity to much of the scenes.

Obviously, this is something the creators had in mind! According to the Express, producer Patrick Schweitzer expressed to “Nick and I had wanted the spaces to bully us a little rather than us having it all our own way… Across the show, it produces a magic that we don’t believe could have been found in studio.”

As he says, it has its limitations, but you simply cannot deny the results. 

In other news, Sky’s Cobra has been renewed.