Seen a huge drop in your video views? Here’s why it could be…

The number of likes, retweets, views and followers have become more important than most things in 2020. 

Social media has well and truly taken over with most people scrolling their Insta feed before bed and checking their Twitter inbox the moment they wake up.

TikTok was a brand new social media app brought to us in 2017. The video-sharing platform has attracted a huge amount of users due to its entertaining nature. If you’re wondering why your videos are no longer being viewed, you may well have been Shadowbanned. 

Let’s take a look at what it means to be Shadowbanned on TikTok.

What is ‘Shadowbanned’ on TikTok?

According to Hubspot: “Shadowbanning is the act of blocking a user’s content on social media sites, in such a way that the user doesn’t know it’s happening.”

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If you’ve seen your number of video views suddenly drop on TikTok as of late, then you could have been ‘Shadowbanned’.

The term is relatively self-explanatory, it basically means that your content has been banned. However, the ‘shadow’ part of the phrase refers to the fact that you wouldn’t know that the banning has happened.

So, seeing your video views suddenly drop can be a huge indicator that your content has been Shadowbanned.

What can you do if you are Shadowbanned?

If you’ve been Shadowbanned the best thing to do is delete any content that may have landed you in this position.

Remove any recent videos and refresh your account. You can even delete the app entirely and download it again.

Also, ensure that your TikTok app is fully up-to-date before using it again.

Who chooses who is Shadowbanned?

A Shadowban, also known as a ‘stealth ban’ or ‘ghost ban’, can be put in place by the social media app that you’re using.

So, if TikTok or Instagram deem your content inappropriate then it will be blocked for around 14 days.

Other reasons for being Shadowbanned include not following TikTok’s code of conduct or clearly trying to up your following in excess. If you follow over 60 people continuously or like over 150 posts, then these kinds of ‘spammy’ behaviours won’t be looked upon very well.

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