The gripping series is back on screens to explore life in a different prison.

HMP Foston Hall is the setting for the new episodes of Prison series 2. 

It’s safe to say we all still have it…

Passion for documentaries has only grown in recent years, and we’ve seen a necessary influx of them being produced. Streaming services such as Netflix have really made the most of the demand, serving up a wide range of remarkable examples, from The Pharmacist to American Factory

As you’ll know, Channel 4 has long been at the heart of providing non-fiction entertainment, aiming to educate and enlighten us regarding an array of subjects. 

One of the best they’ve offered in the last couple of years would have to be Prison. 

Prison: Channel 4 documentary series

The first series of Channel 4 documentary series Prison offered audiences the chance to peer behind bars.

It offered insight into the lives of those living with the repercussions of their crimes, but also the lives of those working there and their relationships with the inmates. 

The first series was comprised of three episodes and took viewers behind into the world of HMP Durham. There, the crew interviewed a range of people and focused a lens on issues of ‘zombie drug’ spice epidemic. Subsequent episodes also dealt with mental health and violence. 

However, for the second season, we switch locations from HMP Durham to HMP Foston Hall…

Where is HMP Foston Hall?

HMP Foston Hall is in the village of Foston in Derbyshire, England, DE65 5DN.

It is a women’s prison and also a Young Offenders Institution. It was acquired by Her Majesty’s Prison Service back in the 1950s and underwent numerous functions through the decades, from detention to immigration centre. 

In 1997 it became a closed-category women’s prison, in the wake of extensive refurbishment. 

The governor there is Andrea Black and they have a guidance website which facilitates a range of needs, whether to do with contact or support. 

More about Prison on Channel 4

Channel 4 currently has two episodes of series 2 listed. 

The second episode will begin to delve deeper into the effects of abuse, whether emotional, physical or sexual. The source identifies that over half of the women (there are said to be 300) are suffering from such effects. 

This episode will take a look at the prisoner therapy group which aims to help those who are struggling to cope.  

As highlighted by the Radio Times, an inmate actually descrived the prison as “…St Trinian’s on crack,” which although said with laughter, does illustrate quite well what some of the more shocking elements that the documentary captures. 

In other news, Freddie Fox’s family is full of actors.