Call the Midwife is always a show full of compassion, heart and moral dilemmas and this week’s fourth episode was no different.

While BBC One’s Call the Midwife may essentially be about helping to bring babies into the world, what the show also delves into are the stories behind the parents-to-be and their complicated and troubled lives.

It’s arguably where the show thrives the most, giving us hugely personal and emotional stories that never fail to inspire or leave a dry eye in the house.

The heart and compassion of those at Nonnatus House is fully on show during these storylines and for fans watching episode 7, we were treated to a real humdinger thanks to the introduction of 20-year-old actress Ellie Wallwork as the character Marion Irmsby. 

Call the Midwife episode 7

Episode 7 of Call the Midwife’s ninth series primarily follows the storyline of Marion Irmsby, a blind mother-to-be who is determined to raise her child independently.

While the nurses at Nonnatus House are as supportive as they can be, Marion’s sister, Beryl, is not convinced she is capable of raising a child and threatens to bring in social services to take the child off Marion’s hands. 

When the baby is born, it quickly becomes clear that Marion will struggle to care for the child and has to learn to accept some help in order to her newborn to survive and thrive.

Introducing Ellie Wallwork

Playing the role of Marion Irmsby in Call the Midwife is 20-year-old, visually impaired actress Ellie Wallwork.

Her acting career began back in 2012 when she appeared in the film Imagine and since then she’s gone on to appear in a host of notable roles, the most high-profile of which arguably came in 2018’s series of Doctor Who where she appeared in the penultimate episode of series 11, It Takes You Away. 

Her recent appearance in series 9 of Call the Midwife, meanwhile, is actually her second time on the show as she also had a minor role back in episode 4 of series 2 in 2013.

Fans full of praise after inspirational appearance

Call the Midwife fans are often very appreciative of the way in which the show portrays delicate storylines but this week’s seventh episode seems to have gone down very well indeed.

Not only was Marion’s story praised for its subject matter but also the performance of Ellie Wallwork, who absolutely shines in the episode, came in for plenty of praise as well. 

It didn’t take long for fans to take to social media to give their thoughts on the episode.

One fan on Twitter commented: “I thought it was a fantastic storyline and you played Marion so well. I think the BBC deserve praise for, not only highlighting the issues that VI people had to face (then and now), but also for casting genuine VI actors. Well done.”

While another added: “Thank you for your powerful & truthful performance. It will stay in my memory for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Ellie Wallwork herself posted a thread to Twitter expressing her joy at the positive reaction to the episode and her character as well as the need for more disabled representation in the acting industry.

Call the Midwife’s ninth series concluded on Sunday, February 23rd at 8pm on BBC One, while every episode of Call the Midwife released to date, is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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