Regular coins will feel prehistoric after you get your hands on these great new designs.

Collectors are wondering where to get the dinosaur 50p coin after striking new designs unveiled. 

Whether you’re 5-years-old or 50, dinosaurs are always going to fascinate, and what better way to celebrate our long-standing curiosity than with a delightful new coin. 

Or should we say, three delightful new coins!

We’ve seen a range of special coins surface over the years, attracting general collectors and fans of the things they sport. Some popular examples have been those emblazoned with Peter Rabbit and Paddington Bear, proving to be nice little items to have displayed. 

Now, dinosaur enthusiasts can have their very own collection of coins to treasure, as this latest batch of unconventional currency features distinct designs, all beautifully detailed…  

Where to get dinosaur 50p coin

The dinosaur 50p coin is now available to buy on the Royal Mint website

This first one features the Megalosaurus, but collectors will want to be sure to score them all!

That’s right. There will be three dinosaur coins sold by the Royal Mint in total, with the subsequent coins featuring the Hylaeosaurus and the Iguanodon. These will be released in March and April. It’s definitely worth heading over to the website and getting your hands on one, as this collector’s item isn’t exactly going to be handed to you unnoticed in a newsagents or coffee shop. 

As highlighted by the Blackpool Gazette, each coin has been passionately designed by palaeontologists at the Natural History Museum in hopes to craft an image of the dinosaurs and their environments.

Prices begin at £10, with a vibrant colour version also available at £20. If you pick that one up, you can even scan it in on the Royal Mint Activate app for some cool facts. 

The Dinosauria Collection explained

While dinosaurs may appear like an odd choice to have on a coin to some, it’s actually a really nice idea.

Over on the Royal Mint website, they have described what makes the Dinosauria Collection such a marvel: “British Anatomist Richard Owen was the first to realise that the remains of three creatures discovered in England – Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus – shared common characteristics. He named this new group of animals ‘Dinosauria’ in a paper published in 1842, sparking a fascination with these creatures that continues to the present day.”

Going into specifics about the collection itself, they address: All three dinosaurs have been brought back to life by palaeo-artist Robert Nicholls with the expert guidance of the Earth Sciences Department of the Natural History Museum.”

As earlier suggested, you can pick up a variety of coins: “Available as a limited-edition gold and silver Proof, colour-printed silver Proof, colour-printed Brilliant Uncirculated and standard Brilliant Uncirculated edition, the coins in this collection perfectly encapsulate the wonder that dinosaurs inspire in people of all ages.”

Reactions to the Dinosaur coins on Twitter

A number of admirers have already flocked to Twitter to share their enthusiasm for the collection. 

Check out a selection of tweets below:

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