It’s delivered the best season yet, but let’s look ahead…

Fans simply can’t get enough, but has The Deuce season 4 been confirmed?

Over the last few years, few shows have cemented a reputation as admirable as this one. David Simon and George Pelecanos’ American drama series whisked us away to the very different landscape of 1970s New York back when it premiered in 2017. 

Of course, we’ve now chronicled into the eighties with an array of intriguing characters, played by the likes of James Franco (This Is the End, 127 Hours) in a dual role, Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight, The Kindergarten Teacher) and many more.

It certainly feels like one of the more unique and daring titles on television in recent memory, exploring themes of corruption and drugs. Approaching the golden era of porn and this very pivotal stage, The Deuce is never less than fascinating and thoroughly entertaining. 

Season 2 was phenomenal and the third even better. What’s next?

Isabel Pakzad and James Franco attend a special screening of the final season of “The Deuce” at Metrograph on September 05, 2019 in New York City.

Has The Deuce season 4 been confirmed?


It was earlier confirmed that season 3 would be the final season of The Deuce. 

The series concluded with season 3 episode 8 – aptly titled ‘Finish It’. So, along with the first two seasons, that’s 25 episodes in total. What a journey it was!

In the UK, season 3 began premiering on Sky Atlantic on Thursday, January 2nd. It’s also available to access on Now TV

David Simon on The Deuce


In an interview with Rolling Stone, showrunner David Simon opened up about the series epilogue:

“From the moment we ended up talking to the [real-life inspiration for] Vincent. The last scene of the show was the only one we had written in our heads when we started the project. It came from talking to the original Vincent not only about his life in Times Square, but what had happened to all the people that he was telling us stories about… there was some sense on the part of the guy we were with, who was in his sixties at the time, of having outlived most of the people he had come up with.

He continued: “…we initially tried to see if we could possibly execute the idea of a continuing structure of a guy talking in the bar, and even having a reporter or a screenwriter come in to start getting the stories from him in 2019, and run that all the way through.”

Of course, that didn’t work out: “…we abandoned it. We felt you can’t sustain that over 25 episodes. It would start to fold in on itself; the weight of it would become exhausting. But that’s how firm we were on the idea of where the piece was going. We literally wrote the last scene first.”


Fans talk The Deuce season 3

Now it’s all over, let’s take a look at some fan reactions on Twitter. 

Here is a selection:  





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