Taskmaster series 10: Five comedians we need to see

Taskmaster Greg Davies And Alex Horne

The future of Taskmaster was thrown into doubt after series 9 but with a new home on the horizon what can we expect?

Taskmaster has been a shining light for the channel Dave in recent years and was easily Dave's most-watched show.

Unfortunately for UKTV, after series 9, the deal that kept Taskmaster on Dave expired and the much-loved comedy series has had to find a new home.

And while we know where Taskmaster will be moving to, we don't know when we'll finally get to see another series of the former Dave show when it does move over onto Channel 4.

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A new home for Taskmaster

After Taskmaster's ninth series came to an end in November, the future of the show was hugely uncertain.

The deal that kept Taskmaster on Dave was set to expire and there were rumours that the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 all wanted to poach the series away.

In the end, it was Channel 4 who won the bidding war, signalling the end of Taskmaster's stay on Dave.

Taskmaster Series 9

What does that mean for series 10?

At the time of writing, we know that Taskmaster is going to return for a tenth series and, hopefully, beyond.

What we don't know is when Taskmaster will be back.

In its final few years on Dave, Taskmaster, which earned an audience of over 1.4 million viewers per episode as of series 9, aired two series a year, one from spring to summer and another from autumn to winter.

If Channel 4 follow this pattern, then a new series could be with us in May 2020.

Thanks to the channel reshuffle, however, it's not clear what effect, if any, that has had on the scheduling on the show so, until an announcement is made, it's not clear when Taskmaster will be back on our screens.

Taskmaster Greg Davies And Alex Horne

Five comedians we'd love to see on Taskmaster

When Taskmaster does eventually return for a tenth series, there are still plenty of comedians out there who would be the perfect fit for the show.

We'll obviously need to wait and see who Alex Horne and co. can bring onboard but here are some of the comedians we'd love to see make an appearance on the show.  

Ross Noble

The eccentric Geordie is renowned for disappearing off onto tangents during his stand-up and it'd be a hilarious god-send to see him try to get his mind and long, flowing hair around some of the tasks on the show.

Sarah Millican

Continuing with the Geordie theme is comedy legend Sarah Millican who we'd love to see bring her no-nonsense attitude to Taskmaster. 

Bill Bailey

Taskmaster is already a weird and wonderful show but just imagine how much weirder and more wonderful it could get if the brilliant Bill Bailey was persuaded to come on the show.

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart is, as well as being a brilliantly funny comedian, stupendously tall and would be the perfect contestant to have opposite the monstrously tall Greg Davies.

Sandi Toksvig 

We've already has Sandi's Bake Off co-host, Noel Fielding, on the show way back in series 4 so why not continue the trend by bringing the current QI host onto Taskmaster as well.

Some honourable mentions

Lee Mack

Tom Allen

Sue Perkins

Milton Jones

Taskmaster is expected to return on Channel 4 at some point in 2020 while the previous nine series are available to stream on UKTV Play.

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