The first look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman has been revealed.

Batman, alongside Marvel’s Spider-Man, is arguably the most-loved and well-known superhero of them all, certainly pre-MCU.

As a result, there’s always plenty of excitement when a new film featuring the Caped Crusader is in the works.

Following a lacklustre start to the DCEU and development hell for the standalone Batman film, Ben Affleck has hung up the bat-eared mask and made way for a younger Bruce Wayne to take his place.

After stepping aside in January 2019, Affleck’s replacement was announced in May 2019 as former Twilight and Harry Potter actor Robert Pattinson.

Naturally, there’s been no small amount of debate surrounding the casting since and now fans’ chins have been set wagging again as the first look at Robert Pattinson (or Battinson if you prefer) as the Dark Knight has been revealed.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman reveal

The look of Robert Pattinson’s Batman has been kept a closely guarded secret until, on February 13th, 2020, the film’s director, Matt Reeves, unveiled a camera test for Pattinson’s Batman.

The short teaser reveals very little as it’s lit to be as dark and shadowy as possible. 

What we do get to see though is very promising, a new batsuit that harkens more towards the Chris Nolan era suit of gadgets and gizmos rather than the Batfleck suit which made Ben Affleck’s already ripped physique stand out even more.

The biggest talking point is, of course, the bat symbol which appears to be made out of a gun, the same gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents no less.

Packing on the pounds 

In November 2019, Small-Screen discussed comments made by YouTuber Beyond The Trailer who suggested that filming on The Batman would be put on hold for a few weeks as Robert Pattinson was reportedly struggling to bulk up enough for the role but these claims have proved to be unfounded as filming began on January 27th, 2020.

Since the Batman reveal on February 13th, fans have also taken to Twitter claiming that Pattinson is too skinny for the role with one fan saying: “Skinny Robert Pattinson (vampire ilk) as new Batman is the stupidest choice we would ever make as the new lead role. But who else to choose from?”

Back in May 2019, the Twitter account below posted photos of Robert Pattinson in early training for the Batman role and you’d hardly call him a walking skeleton would you.

Opinion: Batman with more brains than brawn

In January 2019, SyFy reported that the film’s director, Matt Reeves, was hoping to create a full-on noir-style detective story for The Batman and, judging by the very dark and shadowy teaser, that vision looks to be exactly what we’re going to get. 

That is a hugely exciting prospect for The Batman as it takes the character back to the alias of being The World’s Greatest Detective

For those claiming that Pattinson is too skinny, how can you tell? The teaser shows off next to nothing except for Pattinson’s razor-sharp jawline.

But most importantly, let’s not forget that Bruce Wayne is a multi-billionaire and almost certainly has gadgets galore to help him take on the criminals of Gotham regardless of whether he’s the size of a brick outhouse or not.

Either way, we’re bound to get an even closer look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the months to come ahead of The Batman’s release on June 25th, 2021. 

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