Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico has just arrived for a second series and features a hugely unexpected cameo.

The popularity of Netflix’s Narcos series was hugely surprising when the show first hit the streaming service back in 2015. 

The story of Pablo Escobar and his Colombian drug empire captivated audiences and spawned a second and third season as well as an entire spin-off show with Narcos: Mexico, the first season of which arrived in December 2018.

Now, in February 2020, the long-awaited second season has finally arrived and fans have been quickly getting to know any new cast members that have been added for season 2 including one heck of a surprise cameo from rapper Quavo.

Narcos: Mexico season 2

Narcos: Mexico season 2 arrived on Netflix on February 13th, 2020 and continues the story of Félix Gallardo as looks to build the Guadalajara cartel into a drug-dealing empire while the DEA attempts to keep that from happening and bring down the tyrannical drug lord.

The very last episode of season 1 saw actor Scoot McNairy, who had been the show’s narrator, revealed as Walt Breslin, a DEA agent now tasked with bringing down Félix and his ever-expanding cartel.

Season 2 offers up plenty more thrills as the net tightens around the Guadalajara cartel and its overlord.

Fans spot Quavo in Narcos: Mexico season 2

After releasing on February 13th, it hasn’t taken long for fans to start binge-watching the new season of Narcos: Mexico and it wasn’t long before many started to spot the cameo appearance of rapper Quavo in the second episode of the new season.

The rapper appears as “Quavo” a fictionalised version of himself almost who is an emerging talent in the drug-dealing world of Los Angeles who has travelled down to Mexico to share some tips and tricks for the Arellano Félix family.

It’s safe to say that fans who recognised the 28-year-old rapper were both pleased and surprised by the appearance with one Twitter user commenting: “Why is Quavo in Narcos lmao and he really said “whip it like stir fry” omfg.”

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Why Quavo cameoed in Narcos: Mexico

The exact reason for Quavo’s Narcos cameo has not officially been revealed but it almost certainly has something to do with Quavo’s hip hop group Migos and their song Narcos which was inspired by the Netflix show itself.

During Quavo’s brief cameo, he tells the assembled crowd that they need to “whip it like stir fry” when cooking crack, which is a little nod to another of Migos’ songs, Stir Fry.

As a result, Quavo’s cameo appears to be a little thank you from Netflix for being such a big fan of the show.

You can check out Quavo’s Narcos: Mexico cameo now on Netflix after season 2 released on February 13th, 2020. 

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