Much-loved anthology drama series, Moving On, is returning to the BBC in 2020 for its 11th series.

In the world of TV, most high-profile drama series take place during the evenings in what is regarded as primetime hours in order to entice as big an audience as possible.

However, that doesn’t mean that daytime TV is exclusively left to shows like Bargain Hunt or Homes Under the Hammer, as BBC One’s Moving On goes to show.

The anthology series has been a shining light among the daytime TV schedules since 2009 as it offers up plenty of fascinating drama and is the second longest-running daytime drama on the BBC as a result.

And now, in 2020, Moving On has been confirmed to be returning to our screens for a batch of five new episodes to spice up those weekday afternoons. 

Moving On series 11 is heading our way in 2020

That’s right, the highly anticipated 11 series of the anthology series has been confirmed for 2020 with five new episodes heading our way.

The first episode in the new series is scheduled to appear on our screens on Monday, March 2nd with each episode following throughout the rest of the same week, concluding on Friday, March 6th.

Joe (Tom McKay) and Lisa (Angel Coulby) from episode 1

Series 11 episode guide

The storylines for each of Moving On’s five new episodes are as follows while cast details can be found below.

Episode 1 – Time Out | Monday, March 2nd 

Joe is released from prison and is fitted with an electronic tag.

Upon learning that the tag is waterproof he ventures back to his local swimming pool where he was once a popular member. 

Once there, he attracts the attention of single mum Lisa but their budding romance is put to the test when he fails to mention his tag or 7pm curfew.

Episode 2 – Second Sight | Tuesday, March 3rd

Vicky, who has been blind for 20 years, is about to have an operation that could restore her sight. 

Her husband, Barry, and daughter, Janey, are both hugely supportive and when the bandages come off she is relieved to be able to see once more.

However, nothing looks like she remembered and her newfound sight means she loses her guide dog and her job which was only open to a disabled person, completely turning her life upside down. 

Episode 3 – Man of Steel | Wednesday, March 4th

Josh Chambers is a 53-year-old retired rugby league legend, a local hero and a true man of steel.

But when his ex-wife Carol appears on his doorstep, asking for money, his whole identity is threatened.

If Josh doesn’t pay up, his ex-wife threatens to reveal that he is homosexual to the world.

Episode 4 – Redundant | Thursday, March 5th

Pauline works at a micro-electronics plant, looking after components to keep aircraft from plummeting our of the sky.

Her job is her life after her husband passed away and daughter disappeared off travelling. 

A spanner is thrown into the works when Robyn is brought in to streamline matters and Pauline is forced to compete against her friend and colleague Alice to keep her beloved job.

Episode 5 – Home | Friday, March 6th

Jo’s son, Michael, died nine months ago but when she comes across a homeless man, James, she is taken aback by his startling likeness to her late son.

After befriending James, she offers to put him up for the night but her husband, Patrick, is not keen on the idea.

Against her husband’s wishes, Jo ventures back out in search of James, but can the mysterious lookalike really be trusted?

Vicky (Kacey Ainsworth) and Barry (Ian Kelsey) from episode 2

Who’s in the series 11 cast?

As an anthology series, each episode of Moving On features a new cast of actors, just like Black Mirror and Inside No. 9.

Heading our way in 2020’s series 11 are the following:

  • Tom McKay as Joe | episode 1

  • Angel Coulby as Lisa | episode 1

  • Kacey Ainsworth as Vicky | episode 2

  • Ian Kelsey as Barry | episode 2

  • Grace Stotesbury as Janey | episode 2

  • Mark Addy as Josh Chambers | episode 3

  • Julie Graham as Pauline | episode 4

  • Simone Saunders as Robyn | episode 4

  • Manjinder Virk as Alice | episode 4

  • Neve McIntosh as Jo | episode 5

  • Will R. Smith as James | episode 5

  • Alan McKenna as Patrick | episode 5

Moving on series 11 gets underway on Monday, March 2nd, 2020.

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